What Is A PMO And Why Do I Need One?

What Is A PMO And Why Do I Need One?
In Canada, the initials PMO might make you think “Prime Minister’s Office” – if so, good for you for being politically aware! However today, we’re going to be breaking down a different meaning entirely: Project Management Office. What is it, why would you want one, and what can it do for your organization?

What is a PMO?

A project management office is a specialized department within your business or organization designed to assist projects to be successful. But why can’t you just leave projects to individual project managers (after all, you’ve just sent them off to be certified as PMPs)? Project management offices assist with managing multiple projects, increasing efficiency and communication, and providing guidance and metrics for managing and executing projects. Other functions that PMOs serve include collecting data on project progress and results, reporting, ensuring compliance with standards and processes, managing resources, tracking efficacy and financial information.

Benefits of PMOs

While the benefits of a PMO will vary depending on how mature it is within your organization, and what role you need it to play. Here’s just a sampling of what a PMO can do for you:

Support project teams by collecting lessons learned and data. Teams can turn to the PMO for templates or advice and avoid the inefficiencies of making the same mistakes multiple times.
Improved governance. This includes increased transparency because the right decision-makers are being brought the right information, who then report it to the right people.
Support execution of projects. PMOs can reduce bureaucracy for project staff, and help provide training opportunities.

Types of PMOs

Project Management Offices today are dynamic, and can be long-term or put together just to support a large project. Whether you form it as having a central function, as a department, or with a central PMO that has divisional units in multiple locations, it can still provide all the benefits listed above.

Want to develop a PMO, or just consult on how it can help you? Call us today, we can provide the support you need!