How Project Management Can Help Your Nonprofit

How Project Management Can Help Your Nonprofit
Project Management principles apply equally to for-profit and non-profit enterprises, though many in the not-for-profit sector may be unaware of the potential benefits of project management training for their organization. At Tarka Consulting, we offer some of the most comprehensive and affordable project management training available in Alberta.

Areas Project Management Can Help With

If you work for, volunteer at, or direct a nonprofit, you’re probably called on to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. Plan this event, manage those volunteers, advocate for this policy, teach those students. Whether you’re starting a new program, developing new materials, or organizing an event, project management principles can help you to maximize your efficiency and track your success! When you’re dependent on grants, as many nonprofits are, demonstrated success is the best way to impress funders and secure future support.

Isn’t Project Management Just for Businesses?

We know that the for-profit sector functions differently from the non-profit sector. Primarily, nonprofits are rarely producing a specific project to generate income, but rather are attempting to provide a service which positively influences the community in which they exist. The joy of project management is that it can apply to any workflow process with nearly any desired goal outcome. As long as you have a specified beginning and end, and a product or deliverable that you can define, project management can help you. So whether your goal is to design and deliver an educational program or execute a successful community event, understanding project management can help you.

Benefits of Project Management

If your funding is unpredictable (often the case in a rapidly-changing political climate), you may wonder whether project management can help you because it seems too static. The good news is that with the 6th edition of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) coming out in 2017, agile project management is finally being included. This approach allows for on-the-fly responses to changes in parameters, such as unexpected funding increases and decreases. Project management will help you more efficiently and effectively event plan or execute fundraising campaigns, and help you to stretch that dollar just a little bit farther. We know you’re working on a shoestring and we believe our training services will pay off for you in improved outcomes and savings in staff time and costs.

Explore our course offerings today: we offer a range of training opportunities throughout Alberta, appropriate for many different needs!