How PMP® Certified Employees Can Benefit Your Business

May1, 2017
by Emil Tarka

Project Management Professional certification has a number of benefits for your business, whether you work in Information Technology, consulting, planning, or any other project-based sector. While you don’t need PMP® certification to be a good project manager, hiring those with their PMP® or training your staff can give your company an edge.

Hiring PMP® Trained Employees

An employee who has taken the time to get PMP® certified has demonstrated their experience and training, as well as their dedication to excellence. Project managers can be experienced and effective without certification, of course, but only those with experience can get certified. PMP® certification requires three years or 3,500 hours of project management experience (more for those without a bachelor’s degree), plus at least 35 hours of formal project management training. To become certified, professionals must fill out an extensive application documenting their education and experience, and then pass a four-hour exam with 200 questions.

Increased Reputation with Clients

Clients are beginning to request or favour PMP® certification in the organizations that bid on projects. They see it as an added value, that reduces the risk of the project going over-time or over-budget. The perception of quality is always desirable to cultivate, particularly in highly-competitive markets. PMP® certification is especially beneficial if you have international connections, as it ties in with ISO standards on project management. This will put the minds of your clients at rest!

Increased Chance of Project Success

A high percentage of IT-sector projects fail; while other sectors may not be as volatile, risk is always a factor when it comes to projects. Anything you can do to increase your chances of success is critical to distinguish your organization in a crowded field. PMP® certification has been linked by some studies to improved project performance. This may be because those who spend thousands of hours preparing for the PMP® exam have learned a thing or two about keeping projects running smoothly. PMP® certification also requires maintenance, meaning that any certified employees will be continually improving and learning. Staying on top of the latest developments in project management is of enormous benefit for your organization.

If you want to introduce PMP® certification into your organization and increase your chances of success, consider booking corporate training. We offer several courses, including the Bootcamp prerequisite for the PMP® exam, Project Management Basics, Project Management Fundamentals, Risk 101, and Making Communication Count.

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