Why Project Management Matters

January28, 2017
by Emil Tarka

Project management happens all the time, in business, government, and private consulting. Unfortunately, intuitions about how to manage projects are too often inefficient! When delivering a product, whether it’s a computer program, planning report, impact assessment, or policy document, you’ll want to deliver it on time, on budget, and with high quality. Project management will help you achieve this “triple bottom line”.

Project Management Matters at the Large Scale

Whenever you’re working with many employees or consultants, particularly across departments, project management can help with the human resource tangle this can create. Formalized systems help you to sort out who has what skills and is available at what point along your critical path, helping you assign tasks for maximal effectiveness. When you have a larger organization juggling multiple projects at once, project management can help you resolve the resource conflicts that inevitably arise.

Project Management Reduces Risk

Managing risk is an issue that all project managers face on a daily basis. What would happen to your project should a key employee fall ill? What happens if bad weather strikes and a key component is delayed? How much “wiggle room” does your timeline and budget have? Project management training will help you make difficult decisions when faced with trade offs between timelines, budget, and quality – and avoid sacrificing any of those whenever possible!

Project Management Increases Success

Because project management allows you to minimize risk, resolve resource conflicts, and maximize efficiency, it can save costs and make you more competitive! A solid track record and affordable bids make you more likely to be awarded contracts, as companies who have invested in project management training are discovering. Even if you’re serving the public sector or working in nonprofit, being efficient with your dollars and effective in your efforts will increase your social license and please funders. Nobody wants to spend money on projects that fail: project management will help you to identify factors for success, avoid projects doomed to failure, and reduce the chance that a project you embark on might fail.

If more quality projects and products delivered on time, with minimal risk, sounds appealing to you, consider training yourself or your employees to be a PMP® certified professional! We offer bootcamp courses, PMO development services, and tailored corporate training which will get you to where you need to go.

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