How Do I Get (PMP)® Certified?

January3, 2017
by Emil Tarka

PMO, PMP, CAPM…the acronyms can be overwhelming! But if you’re interested in having your projects completed on time and under budget, with minimal stress, it’s worth it to look into the nuts and bolts of project management. Getting certified means you increase your earning and hiring potential; tackle more challenging projects; and provide more value to your organization. Businesses with PMP certified employees complete more projects meeting goals of time, budget, and quality.

Acronyms Demystified

You’ll run across a lot of acronyms but don’t let them scare you off! The main ones you need to know are:
PMP: Project Management Professional
CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management
PMO: Project Management Office

There’s many more types of project management certification, but PMP and CAPM are the most common and most likely to be useful to you and your organization.

Am I Eligible for PMP Certification?

There’s two routes you can take to be eligible to take the PMP exam.
Route 1:
Get a University degree from a recognized post-secondary institution (course of studies irrelevant)
Prove 4500 hours or 3 years of leading and managing projects
Complete 35 hours of formal project management training
Route 2:
No university degree? No problem, just do the following:
Prove 7500 hours or 5 years of leading and managing projects
Complete 35 hours of formal project management training

What’s that 35 hours for formal training? That’s what we can offer you! We run bootcamps that give you the entire 35 hours in just two weekends. We offer them frequently in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton, to be near your place of work!

Next Steps

Now that you’re eligible and trained, you’ll need to complete an application form, which will then be reviewed. Once that is accepted, you’ll pay a fee and book your exam date! With Tarka Consulting’s help, you’ll create a customized study plan and find the PMP exam application a breeze. With all the experience we have training project management professionals, we’ve got plenty of insider tips and tricks to help you pass your exam! Finally, we’ll help you make a p

lan for achieving the professional development units you’ll need to maintain the certification you’ve successfully achieved.

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